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Coffee on the move, the right gear

Imagine having to go out for that much-needed cup of joe every morning in the middle of a pandemic as dangerous as COVID. How risky it would be going down to that Starbucks near your place to have coffee! But then, we understand that it’s hard to get things going without this black elixir, this daily fuel. So, what do we do? What’s the solution? The solution is to get the right gear so you would be able to make yourself that perfect cuppa that never fails to wake you up in the morning and energize you. Here are some beginner-friendly equipment that you might need to be your own barista- 


The first tip is to get your hands on those beans! All professionals suggest using fresh, whole coffee beans. Fresh whole coffee beans give a sinfully delicious, nutty flavour and texture to your drink. What gives the flavour to it? It has been found that there are many aromatic compounds in the whole beans that give it a rich flavour. There are several kinds of coffee beans, like the Arabica, the most popular beans in the world used in almost 60% of the coffee-based beverages and products. These beans are quite delicate and must be handled with great care. They give your coffee just the right amount of salinity, sweetness and sourness. Such an exquisite mix of aromas and flavours! It is usually recommended to use Arabica beans that are less acidic. 


The next most popular kinds of coffee beans are the Robusta beans. As the name suggests, these beans are quite “robust” and can tolerate harsh climatic conditions. These beans are quite rich in caffeine. These have low acidity and have a slight, mild flavour and aroma of chocolate. 

It would be wise to test out different beans before buying a bagful. 


The next step would be to buy espresso machine. If you can’t get it going without your morning nectar, you have to invest in a good espresso machine! With your espresso machine, you’ll have all the control over your coffee, and you’ll be able to brew your coffee just the way you like it. This way, you’ll also be saving a lot of money since you won’t be going to the very expensive coffee bars to get your joe. The Flair Classic Espresso Maker is just what you need right now for it is the most elegant manual espresso machine one could own. They come in several ranges according to your budget and your expertise level. So, no matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, you are going to love this beautiful piece of machinery. 


Coffee beans? CHECK! Espresso Machine, CHECK! Something is missing. You guessed it right. Now you need a grinder to get those perfect coffee grounds of impeccable coarseness. When you are making coffee, a grinder is one of essential devices. There are two kinds of Grinders—a Burr Grinder and a Blade Grinder. You need to ensure that your coffee grounds are just the perfect size when you’re grinding coffee, so you get the proper texture. While blade grinders are cheaper, as they grind your coffee beans to perfection, you may want to put money in a burr grinder.


One of the most important and useful things you can have in your kitchen is a weighing scale. It would help if you had it to use the perfect amount of ingredients for that perfect recipe. It is often recommended that you use a weighing scale to quantify the ingredients such as milk, ground coffee and water regardless of how you like your coffee. Various inexpensive weighing scales can be purchased online and in supermarkets.

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