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Brewing Coffee at Home

Brewing Coffee at Home? Here are Some Helpful Tips

With all the new high tech coffee brewing alternatives these days, it can get quite confusing to decide how to do it. All you need are a few brewing tips to get your perfect cup of joe, which tastes just like the cuppa you order at Starbucks café. If you’re just an amateur, you might find it a bit scary, but we have good news for you- you can brew your favorite coffee at home using the very affordable Baratza Sette 270wi and Flair Classic Espresso Maker.

Here are some tips you can use to improve your coffee in simple ways because your coffee is your daily fuel :


All experts recommend using fresh whole coffee beans. Fresh whole beans give your coffee a yummy, nutty aroma and flavor. What gives it that flavor? It has been found that whole beans contain several aromatic compounds that give it the rich flavor. But immediately roasting the beans can cause those compounds to lose their aroma and flavor. Using fresh whole beans and grinding them into grounds can help you ensure that you don’t lose that aroma you adore so much. 


No matter how you like your coffee, it is always suggested that you use a weighing scale to measure the components like milk and coffee grounds and water. You can buy various affordable weighing scales online and in stores. It will help you achieve a perfection level you can’t achieve by measuring the ingredients with your hands. 


Since you’re buying fresh, whole coffee beans and grinding them right when you’re planning to make your coffee, you will also need a grinder for instant use. A grinder is one of the most important tools when making coffee. Grinders are of two kinds- a Burr Grinder, and a Blade Grinder. When you’re grinding coffee, you need to make sure that your coffee grounds are just the right size, so you get the right consistency. Even though blade grinders are cheaper, you may want to invest in a burr grinder because they grind your coffee beans to perfection. You want all of the grains to be around the right size when you’re brewing coffee, so all of the molecules brew at the same pace. Being able to regulate your grounded coffee’s exact size gives you a lot of command over the method of brewing. A burr grinder can help you achieve that level of perfection and control; you need to make sure that you’re grinding at the right coarseness setting. 


The temperature of the water you use for brewing affects the taste and consistency of your beverage. The water quality affects it too, so ensure that you use filtered water to make your coffee. If your water is too hot, it’ll be able to extract all the flavors and aroma of the coffee grounds. If there’s too much extraction, your coffee will become bitter. So, you may want to cool it down a bit to remove the bitterness. Likeness, if your coffee is a bit sour, you may want to use hotter water. It would help if you considered buying a thermometer to get that right temperature of the water so that your coffee releases the right amount of flavors and aroma. 


Coffee “Bloom” is when you add hot water to it, and it bubbles up and releases carbon dioxide. If you give it a minute to bloom, it’s flavor will be enhanced manifolds. It just implies that your coffee beans are fresh, and they are freshly grounded, too. All you have to do is pour some water on your coffee and let it bloom for 30-40 seconds. The carbon dioxide will be released, which will give it a sour taste. The blooming process also helps the coffee release natural aromatic oils and fragrances.

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