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Coffee Jargons

Let’s learn Some Coffee Jargons

Coffee has become such an essential part of our lives that going a single day without coffee would make us irritable. If we skip coffee for one day, we become more susceptible to dozing off our work-desk. Coffee has become more than just a beverage for us. Coffee has had many purposes throughout history, from therapeutic intoxicant to sexual excitant.    

The origins of coffee are debated over, and nobody has reached a definite conclusion yet. 

All of us have heard so many terms being used about coffee- iced, brewed, mocha latte, espresso, cappuccino, and whatnot. Most of us don’t even know what these terms exactly mean- and it can be not very comfortable to not know about them when your barista asks you what type of coffee you want. But don’t worry- we’re here to your rescue! We’ll tell you about all the coffee jargons we can cover. Here it goes-


A Barista brews and serves coffee and other beverages in a bar or a cafe. A Barista can be of any gender. A female barista is called a “Barista”, and the male term for it would be “Baristi”.  


This is probably the most common term used about coffee. This method of making coffee has its origins in Italy. Espresso is a more saturated, concentrated form of small, powerful coffee-served shots and is the basis for several coffee beverages. It is made of the same seeds as coffee, but espresso is heavier and richer in caffeine. Nevertheless, it has much less caffeine per portion because espresso is usually served in smaller servings than coffee.


Crema is an aromatic, flavorful, tan-coloured foam that sits on top of an espresso shot. It is produced when air bubbles mix with fine-ground coffee’s natural oils. Fine, well-grounded coffee and a competent barista are implied by the massive concentration of crema in an espresso shot. Crema helps have a richer texture and prolonged mouthfeel for espresso than brewed coffee.


The literal meaning of cappuccino is “small capuchin”. It is an espresso-based coffee beverage which serves with a rich, heavy, and creamy milk foam and is often sprinkled with powdered cinnamon to add some mild flavour and aroma. You can also get it with some whipped cream if you want it creamy. 


This is also an espresso-based coffee drink; it steamed whole milk with a strong coffee and some little bubbles. It has a very smooth, rich, velvety texture with a thick, milky consistency. 


It is quite similar to Flat White because both of these beverages contain espresso with steamed whole milk. “Latte” is derived from an Italian term “Cafe Latte” which translates to “milk coffee”. It has slightly less foam than a cappuccino. Latte is widely popular because of Latte Art, which are beautiful patterns made in latte by strategically pouring whole milk into it. Latte has a little more caffeine compared to other coffee drinks. 


Filter coffee is made of roasted and grounded coffee beans and is generally made in a coffee machine. Many people refrain from making this at home, since it’s very time consuming, and you also need some special equipment to make it. Filter coffee is quite light and fine on the senses with its mild aroma. You’d need to get a paper, metal, or cloth filter to make this coffee. 

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